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Available Dog Chew Treats products

Indigenous Dental Health

The patented design of Indigenous™ Dental Health Bones hel.....Read more

N-Bone Bone-A-Mints

Do you love your dog but hate his stinky dog breath? With Bo.....Read more

Open Range Mini Pork Twis

Pork Twist Roll 5″ Mini – Our top quality Pork Hide Twis.....Read more

Open Range Pork Twist Rol

6″-7″ Pork Twist Roll – Our top quality Pork Hide Twis.....Read more

Meaty Bones

Made in Ontario - comes in small, medium or large sizes, the.....Read more

Tartar Buster

This treat is designed to keep dogs’ teeth free of plaque.....Read more


Made in Ontario these 100-percent natural dog treats are slo.....Read more

Beef Jerky

Made in Ontario - Made from real beef, these dog treats are.....Read more


6, 8 and 12 inch bullies - Ontario made - these bullies are.....Read more

Nylabone Puppy Chew

Help prevent destructive chewing and relieve teething pain f.....Read more

N-Bone Puppy Teething Rin

Growing new teeth is tough work! Sore gums and a strong urge.....Read more

Petstage Dogwood

DOGWOOD Sticks Combines real wood with durable strength,.....Read more


WHIMZEES has limited natural, functional ingredients and no.....Read more

Rollover Chicken Wrappeed

Rollover Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists are 100% digestible.....Read more

Chew This - Large Split A

• All natural • Great for dogs with sensitive tummies i.....Read more

Open Range Bull Stick

4″ Bull Stick – Our top quality Bull Sticks are odour fr.....Read more

Chew This - Everest Chews

A cheese made using traditional methods adapted by the peopl.....Read more

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